Here we are over half way through the year in the middle of Q3 and it’s still a mess.  The Covid situation is bleak worldwide and here in the US most of all.  One thing for certain is, the on-premise sales are not coming back strong any time soon. Wine e-commerce can help fill that sales gap.

Wineries have had to shift focus and look to maximize opportunities in e-commerce.  Investments in e-commerce has increased dramatically during the crisis.  Those that started investing earlier and heavier are set up to reap the rewards as Americans flock to their devises to buy everything.

Wine e-commerce and direct to consumer sales can be maximized to help fill the sales gap from falling On-premise if you do the following:

-Identify the channels that you feel your brand can be most successful in.

-Acquire the tools to realize your digital ambition, technology and talent.

-Communicate your vision to your entire team so they understand and can support.

-Imprint your new Digital DNA into your existing business structure.

Once you’ve gone digital, there is no going back.  You will always have e-commerce sales in addition to the other channels. Integration of your overall sales/marketing strategy  into new digital/social channels is key.

How does a wine brand create a funnel to it’s landing page and maximize sales? Contact me directly for a free 10 minute consultation,

Up your wine e-commerce game. Cheers! David Gary

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