Photo of David Gary in black suit with five star pin.

People sometimes ask, “What’s with the name?” I’m not sure who coined the term, but it fits. To study wine is not only in books but in bottles. Meditating over the essence of the wine in my glass daily has been a part of my life it seems forever.

Some days I would go through tasting more than a dozen wines over a two hour period. Precious time to hone the craft before less meaningful meetings on an adimin-day, working on the wine list puzzle, making sure all the pieces are there, and they fit.

I guess a SommGeek is someone who has spent a large portion of time drinking, studying and experiencing wine. When your a geek, you want to explore the depths and push the boudaries. Sense-memory is a big part of being a Somm. You need to try everything.

That’s where I’m at. I’m ready for the next bottle.


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