Here we are with a 3rd vaccine heading into American arms and the first quarter of the year is two thirds gone.  Things are looking up.  Daily cases are declining, hospitalizations are declining, deaths are going down as well.  Any new death, especially in this late stage of the contagion, is heartbreaking.
Most of the news is positive.  It seems a little brighter outside.  When you look at the numbers of people that have had at least 1 vaccination shot combined with people who have already had the virus and things are looking good.  Some estimate 1 in 3 Angelenos have had Covid.  12 percent have been immunized.  Because we prioritized the elderly and most vulnerable in vaccinations, severe cases and deaths should decline even more here.  
If people continue to follow the CDC guidance on masking and social distancing, by May or June the numbers should be closing in 70% of the American population with immunity.  What do we do then?  Will sporting events be open and at what capacity?  Same question for resorts?  Hotels? Restaurants?  What is going to happen to Middle and High Schools?  Colleges?
It’s great to have these questions.  The hotel and restaurant industries are 2 of the hardest hit by the pandemic.  How many of those jobs are coming back?  When will the American Consumer trust Hotels and Restaurants?
I’m still relatively hunkered down.  It’s good to know restrictions are being lifted, but I’m not itching to be indoors with strangers.  I do want to travel though.  I’m due a trip to wine country.
From where I’m sitting, after a few more months of continued good news on the Covid front, the American economy is ready for a rebound.  The demand for entertainment, food and travel is pent up and people soon should be more comfortable going out.  The outlook for the near term  is a cautious one with increased activity in the summer.

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