I need a break. I don’t know if I can handle another home cooked meal, as healthy and delicious as they are.  So I head up the 101 towards County line to Westlake Village to a restaurant by Chef Collin Carnell  and his wife Vickie, Moody Rooster. I try to support independent restaurants, especially when they are operated run by a local chef whose resume includes the likes of Providence in LA.

Moody Rooster Menu
Moody Rooster Menu

It’s an unassuming place, and in a strip mall in the far west valley.  With new social distancing there’s only room for four tables inside and four tables outside.  Chef tells me they’re doing well despite the reduction in capacity due to do the pick up to go and delivery orders.

Perfect Pour of Red Wine in Glass
Perfect Pour of Barbera

I order a glass of wine. I want enjoy some of it while i make my decision on the menu.  Ordinarily, I might have more than one glass for lunch, but I’m driving so I need to savor the one glass. 

The wine list is thoughtful with an emphasis on wines by that go well with food.  I order a bar better from mortar 2016.  it has a dark red cock with purple on the edges.  There is a earthy spiciness on the nose, Palate it shows nice red cherry flavors.  as bright as it is a cleanse as the power.  Gets my mouthwatering and ready for food.

I opt for the gnocchi.  It’s crisped hot and golden brown along with blistered cherry tomatoes, Parmesan fondue and aged balsamic.  It’s beautifully plated and delicious.

I stab a cherry tomato, then an piece of gnocchi and drag it through the fondue and then into the balsamic creating the perfect bite.  The Tomato is an explosion of flavor and acid balancing out the creamy parmesan warm gnocchi richness. I wash it all down with the  Barbera and read for another bite.

If you’re in the area of Westlake Village you have a check them out.  What chef Colin and his wife are doing is a level above. They make everything from scratch and plate every dish ala minute.  I’m glad I gave my kitchen a break and stopped by .  


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