It’s amazing how time flies when your staying at home. I was reading an article by Sarah Klearman about her day with a larger Napa winery harvesting grapes and it struck me how half the year is gone, yet were still stuck like an episode of Stranger Things in the Upside Down. Yet the grape harvest 2020 has begun in California amid Covid concerns. Wineries are utilizing best practices to ensure the safety of their workforce but there are challenges.

For many 2020 is a lost year due to the Covid situation, and those are some of the lucky ones. Losing a year of education, career advancement, social growth and everything else that comes along with it is bad, but we still get the joy of greeting a new day. For almost 200,000 other Americans, that is not the case.

The lengths we have to go to in order to be safe are intricate, challenging and intimidating. But life must go on, in whatever shape it is.

The grapes must come in. The wine must be made.

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