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What You Need to Know 

A record setting heat wave and freak electrical storms leave California wine country burning again.  Several wildfires continue to blaze across California as of today August 24, 2020. Continued high temperatures and dry conditions hamper firefighting efforts.

According to the LA Times fire map, there are 47 fires raging across the state.  Thousands of acres have burned.  The biggest fire is the SCU Lightning Complex Fire responsible for burning more then 130,000 acres.  The newest fire from today is the Shotgun fire. Check out California wildfires map here.

There are several fires affecting the grape growing regions of the state including:

~LNU Lightning Complex fire– Five fires in Napa, 2 in Sonoma, 1 in Lake County

~The Soberanes Fire in Monterrey

~CZU August Lightning Complex fire along the coast in Santa Cruz and San Mateo counties

~Deer Zone fire in Contra Costa county

Vineyards are generally very green and serve as natural firebreaks, but flying embers have been known to jump over such firebreaks and spark fresh flames where conditions aren’t so green.  With dry conditions and searing temperatures, firefighters are being stretched thin and struggle to supress and contain the flames.

Last week Concepción de León and John Schwartz of the New York Times reported that Death Valley California USA clocked a temperature of 130 degrees F.  This reading once verified“would be the highest temperature ever reliably recorded on earth.”   See more about Furnace Creek here.

In my driveway in the San Fernando Valley last week it was 118 degrees F, an all time record for my car’s thermometer.  It’s accuracy is questionable, but the baking concrete that sucked all the water from my body as I walked to the car confirmed it for me.  118 is an all time record for Driveway J and I’ve seen it twice recently.

Every fire season seems to get worse.  No part of California is safe.  Northern California is taking the brunt of it now, but stay vigilant.  The fire season is far from over.

Stay cool, stay safe.

David Gary 

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