Wine Guide is the best way to describe the multitude of positions I’ve held in the Hospitality and Wine Industries. Whether I was managing a Wine Brand or curating a wine list at a Five Star Hotel, I’ve always had one goal in mind, finding the right wine for a fair price.

As a consultant, I would normally help restaurant owners by creating wine lists, refreshing old ones, teaching them how to evaluate wine, buy wine, control inventory, train staff and everything else involved in buying, storing and selling wine. I am always available for that type of work.

However, today I’m getting more inquires as to how to liquidate inventory and turn excess stock into cashflow. People need help moving product because everything has been disrupted. Its a sad reality that we are living through. Some restaurants and wineries won’t survive this pandemic.

If you find yourself needing to sell your wine cellar, contact me. Whether you are an individual wine collector, small winery or a restauranteur, I can try to find a buyer for you.

As always, I am also available to private individuals to evaluate your wine cellar and give you direction on what you should drink or hold. If you are a collector looking for particular rare wines, I have access to many allocations as well.

Please contact me for your restaurant, wine shop, winery or personal wine needs Stay safe, stay strong.

David Gary

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