Virtual Wine Club

Find the next wine for your special occasion through our virtual wine club. There are so many things that make us content. Being with friends and drinking a nice beverage is usually high on that list. As a Sommelier, I’ve seen how a gathering can become a special moment with the raising of a glass and a few heartfelt words.

I’ve spent most of my career finding good wines and negotiating the best deals on them. I used to share those wines with guests in the dining rooms of great restaurants. Now, I’m sharing those deals online with a Virtual Wine Club and through Virtual Wine Tastings.

An online wine shop and a brick and mortar tasting room will be coming soon. If you need help finding the wines you love, I have access through my network of connections. Anything is possible.

With online wine sales direct to you, the consumer. We cut out the middleman and save you money. That’s why online wine events and clubs have been so successful. It’s a great value for corporate events, happy hour and family get togethers.

Our monthly wine club allows you to explore wines off the beaten path. They are from small, family owned and operated, artisanal wineries that work either sustainably, organically or biodynamically. Good stewards of the land are rewarded.

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